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Mythbuster: i’ve a high gpa and test score so I’m absolutely getting into USC

Mythbuster: i’ve a high gpa and test score so I’m absolutely getting into USC

The Myth: The rest of the application doesn’t matter if i’ve a high gpa and test score.

The Verdict: Nope.

‘It’s all about the numbers’ generally seems to be something we unfortunately hear quite a bit when folks explore college admission. It makes me unfortunate because that is wholly false when discussing the admission procedure at USC. pupils, counselors and parents tend to get very anxious about GPAs and test scores.

GPAs and test ratings are important, however they aren’t the just factor that is deciding a student’s admission choice. A student signing up to USC will be automatically admitted never nor denied based solely on GPA and test scores.

We have been to know pupil the best we possibly can through the admission procedure. GPAs and test scores help us determine how well you are carrying out academically, but we also want to make the journey to know you beyond that. We want to learn about the manner in which you invest time outside associated with the class. We are interested in observing your personality and the life experiences you could have had up to this point. We want to learn why you are considering going to college at USC. You want to study from your teachers or counselors their perspective on who you really are as a learning student and human being. We can not get all that information from just a GPA and a test score.

For this reason we don’t have a cutoff for GPAs and test scores. We wish to be sure you have the educational planning to succeed at USC, but that can be determined in lots of ways. We analyze your transcript although we calculate your GPA. What type of classes may be the student taking? Is the learning student challenging herself within the context of just what can be obtained at her school? How does this relate solely to her standard testing? There isn’t a secret gpa and test rating combination to determine all this.

Admission to USC is competitive. They are numerous, many qualified pupils who are applying to USC. We don’t have spots for them all in our incoming class. We use qualitative components such as for example task summaries, essays, and letters of recommendations to make distinctions among our many exemplary candidates.

We could just take the highest GPAs and test scores and admit those students if we wanted. If we did that, we would admit a different course than the one we simply enrolled. I also would not have job must be computer could do that. Our admission process is an individual one, and we are seeking to bring a class that is well-rounded USC. We aim to do this through the use of your application that is entire to as much as we can in regards to you.

A high GPA and test score is not a golden solution to admission at USC. We get beyond the true numbers, and now we hope you do too in your application.

Hello from one other side….

Interviews…another part associated with college application process. We’re currently completing our on-campus interviews through the end of November (Thanksgiving excluded.) You might also see us interviews that are conducting cities near you throughout the United States. At this time in the process, it is possible you’ve already been through a few university interviews, and I also’m certain at the end you left with either feelings of success, disappointment, excitement or a number of other adjectives that may describe the uncertainty that is an interview. Hopefully I am able to provide you with a insight that is little that which we are thinking during those 30 minutes.

Our interviews generally last around 25 minutes and we as admission counselors, invest afternoons, from 1:30 pm until 4:30 pm, interviewing around five pupils. So, exactly what’s actually going through our minds when we take a seat over the table from you? Well, that largely depends on you…

Are you visibly nervous? Perspiring? About to breakdown in tears? If the response is yes, then We am most likely hoping that I can help you to calm down. I am going to generally start with questions that have actually clear cut responses: Tell me just what classes you are taking this semester…What book are you reading in English right now? Students do not have to think about these relevant questions, they have the answers. Hopefully, it will help the person calm down, and we can have a relaxed discussion. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry, you are not the only person. Most of that time period students feel safe pretty quickly after they realize the true nature of this interview. The ideas that are main attempt to draw out from students are the following: 1) performs this person know why they’ve been signing up to USC? Will there be something certain they’ve seen here that is attractive to them? 2) Can this student think critically? Can they respond to a concern that needs though or may possibly not have an obvious answer? 3) Are they confident in their abilities and are they sure they are able to succeed at USC? College is hard so we want those who want to be right here.

The majority that is vast of interviews get smoothly with very few bumps into the road. There are of course moments when we repeat myself because we can not remember if i have asked a relevant question during this interview, or the one right before it. So in advance, please forgive me if we ask you the same question twice. My goal during an interview is to find a conversation that is solid so it feel less like an interview, and more like one person hoping to get to know another. So just come with a mind that is open greet us with excitement (hopefully genuine), and everything will go smoothly.

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